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Jacqueline Fae

Jacqueline Fae is the CEO & Founder of I Deserve Love, Author of several books including her latest “Attracting the Love of Your Life: 30-Day Manifestation Guide”, as well as The Faery Matchmaker, celebrity matchmaker and love expert.

Jacqueline began her career studying Psychology with a focus on NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) understanding the reasons people act the way we do in relationships. Why do we pick the partners that we do.

During her studies she discovered that she had an additional intuitive ability that helped her clients decode their own underlying values, break old patterns and open up to the loving relationship they have always dreamed of.

Jacqueline had saw expedited success in helping clients to find their soulmates and utilizing her training and skills to address her own relationship blockages, Jacqueline was able to mend her broken heart and truly overcome the most difficult and sudden “breakup” of her life.

Within two years she was healed enough to connect with the love of her life, Ramón. They are now raising two beautiful boys together. Jacqueline created IDeserveLove because she believes that everyone deserves love, and her personal mission is to help as many people as possible to experience the greatest joy in the world: true love 


Natalina is California based matchmaker.  Natalina’s main goal in life is to help others. She enjoys the recruiting and Matchmaking process of helping others find life’s greatest gift – Love. natalina has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communications. She’s great at reading people at a deeper level and understands what brings them happiness. She also spent over a decade working in Entertainment as a Model, Actress, and Voice Over Artist. Her experience in the Entertainment Industry has helped her to find such incredible, attractive and successful women and men to work with. She has an extensive sales background working for luxurious and high profile companies like Mercedes and Disney. Natalina’s knowledge and background experience make her very equipped for recruiting and matching only the best and qualified candidates for IDL Diamond Club.


Zoie is the Las Vegas, Texas, and Mountain region matchmaker for IDeserveLove Matchmaking.

Driven to help people make life changing choices for themselves, she encourages self awareness,and self worth. She lived in LA for over 10 years where she studied Interior Design and trained to be a professional dancer.

She moved to Las Vegas in 2017 and continued to build her career as a professional dancer. She is also active in the recovery community and has over 8 years of personal recovery experience.

She loves helping others create lives that feel good to them good on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level. And she cant wait to help you find true love!


Tatiana was born in New York City, but raised in Medellin, Colombia, when she moved back to the United States she started working as and Executive Assistant and Property Manager for 10 years which she enjoyed a lot. Tatiana moved to Florida and started working as a Matchmaker for IDL. She now manages clients on the East Coast. She also helps to throw events for IDL Diamond Club, IDL’s VIP Club. Tatiana loves helping her clients find their perfect match. Her favorite part of being a matchmaker for IDL is seeing Clients happy & in lasting relationships.

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