Doing these programs help remove some of the mental and emotional blocks that prevent people from attracting a loving partner. The program also elevates our mindset so we can attract an amazing partner into our lives. 

How to identify the beliefs and programming that are HOLDING you back from finding true love.


How to reprogram your mind and eliminate resistance to attracting a partner.


Daily rituals to manifest your perfect match.


❤ Fall in love with yourself.



With over a decade spent as a working actress in Hollywood, Jacqueline has had her share of “LA” relationships and spent many years single and wading in the dating pool.

Her background in Psychology with a focus on NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) means her life’s work is focused on understanding the reasons people act the way we do in relationships. Why do we pick the partners that we do? How can we make choices that will make us happy?

Not only is she an amazingly intuitive matchmaker, she helps her clients decode their own underlying values, break old patterns and open up to the loving relationship they have always dreamed of. Through I Deserve Love, she can help people to truly find the relationship they’ve only dreamed of.

Jacqueline had a profound breakthrough after moving through the grief of tragically losing a previous significant other. By utilizing her training and skills to address her own relationship blockages, Jacqueline was able to mend her broken heart and truly overcome the most difficult and sudden “breakup” of her life.

Within six months of doing these programs she created, she was healed enough to connect with the love of her life, Ramon. They are now married, with two beautiful young boys. Jacqueline believes that everyone deserves love, and her personal mission is to help as many people as possible to experience the greatest joy in the world: true love.


“Hi Jacqueline! I’m going to ask her [to marry me]. You helped me find someone special. I went over the lists we made in the workbook and she is every single one. Do you want me to tell people how you helped me!?”


Marvin V., San Jose, California

“I found a wonderful man looking for a wife. The workbook worked!”


Graziela., Los Angeles, California

“I manifested my soulmate, thanks to your workbook.”


Shara., Los Angeles, California

“I don’t care what other matchmakers and dating coaches exist, there is no other than this [one]. And I promise you that if you trust her with your love life, she won’t disappoint you. If you’re wondering about whether or not you should give her a chance. Trust me, you should”


Jess H., Los Angeles, California



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