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Want to take a look at everything I'm currently working on? Below are the things I'm the most proud of right now.

GETMEGIDDY.COM – Should You Really Be Spilling on Socials About Your Bad Dates?

GETMEGIDDY.COM – Should You Really Be Spilling on Socials About Your Bad Dates?

“I just paid the bill and walked out of the restaurant,” Dafna Diamant confessed to about 9 million strangers on TikTok. Diamant ditched […]

EXPRESS.CO.UK – ‘It’s magic’: Love guru says thinking alone led her to The One – how to do it yourself

EXPRESS.CO.UK – ‘It’s magic’: Love guru says thinking alone led her to The One – how to do it yourself

The founder and CEO of I Deserve Love, which offers online courses for people looking for love, and the author of […]

THELIST.COM – 13 red flags you can spot on a first date

THELIST.COM – 13 red flags you can spot on a first date

First dates can be daunting – you never know what to expect, and you can’t help but hope that after […]


Want to take a look at everything I'm currently working on? Below are the things I'm the most proud of right now.

In today’s high-pressure society, balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship may seem like an insurmountable challenge. Yet, Jacqueline Fae has not only achieved this delicate equilibrium but also excelled in both aspects, demonstrating that women can have it all. The former B actress and Scream Queen has successfully transitioned her career from the limelight to leading her own seven-figure matchmaking empire, IDL Match Club, all while raising two young children. 

Jacqueline Fae’s Background: The Alluring World of Acting

Before her meteoric rise in the world of matchmaking, Jacqueline Fae enjoyed a thriving career as an accomplished actress. She earned her title as a Scream Queen through numerous appearances in horror films, captivating audiences with her on-screen presence. However, as her passion for helping others find true love grew, Fae decided to shift her career path and pursue her dream of establishing her own matchmaking business. With determination and a clear vision, she embarked on the journey to create IDL Match Club.

The Genesis of IDL Match Club

Fae initiated IDL Match Club from her home while nursing her first child. Her unwavering dedication and tireless efforts quickly transformed her start-up into a highly-trusted institution within the matchmaking industry. Despite the challenges of simultaneously managing a business and raising a family, Fae persevered, dedicating ten to twelve hours each day to ensure her company’s success.

A Unique Approach to Matchmaking: Authenticity and Personalization

What distinguishes IDL Match Club from its competitors is its emphasis on authenticity and a personalized approach to matchmaking. Fae and her team work diligently to ensure that clients are genuinely seeking love and are well-matched with potential partners based on shared values and compatibility. By employing techniques such as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and providing personalized coaching, Fae and her team navigate clients through the intricacies of dating, helping them overcome obstacles and discover lasting love.

The Expansion and Triumph of the Business

In just four years, Jacqueline Fae has built a multi-million-dollar business catering to the unique needs of busy executives, entrepreneurs, and celebrities. Her unwavering commitment to her clients and her business is evident, as she even closed her first five-figure client during labor with her first son. Fae’s dedication and tenacity have turned her business into a powerhouse within the matchmaking industry, making her a sought-after love expert and earning her the title of the “Faery Matchmaker.”

IDL Match Club’s Prestigious Recognition

IDL Match Club’s success has not gone unnoticed. The agency was voted one of the top matchmaking agencies in the world for successful singles, further solidifying its reputation as a leader in the industry. This prestigious recognition is a testament to Fae’s exceptional work and the unparalleled services offered by her team.

Empowering Women and Encouraging Mompreneurs

As a successful mompreneur, Fae serves as a shining example of the power of hard work, perseverance, and vision. She has demonstrated that women can not only thrive in any field but also excel while juggling the numerous responsibilities of motherhood. Her journey from Scream Queen to the CEO of a flourishing matchmaking empire serves as an inspiration to women everywhere who strive to achieve their dreams while balancing personal and professional lives.

Discovering Jacqueline Fae and Her Remarkable Journey

To learn more about Jacqueline Fae and her incredible journey, visit her LinkedIn page and follow her on Instagram at TheFaeryMatchmaker. For more information about IDL Match Club and the exclusive matchmaking services they offer, check out their website, IDLMatchClub.com. Through her story, Fae continues to inspire and empower women, proving that the sky’s the limit when it comes to pursuing one’s passion and balancing the demands of life.

To some extent, recent advancements in technology have made it easier to wear many hats. But even in the face of the tools and platforms that make it possible to juggle different responsibilities, it’s still undeniably daunting to strike a balance between being a mother and spearheading the rise of one’s venture.

Tasked with managing both the home and the office, mompreneurs have to be almost always on their toes as a single cry can demand they shift from serving as the boss of a lucrative venture to singing their kid a lullaby.

However, if there’s anything that numerous successful female powerhouses can prove, it’s the fact that nothing is impossible so long as go-getters go all-out in translating their personal visions into reality. Jacqueline Fae is among today’s inspirational icons whose hard work and perseverance amid the odds have allowed her to build a multi-million dollar matchmaking business.

Originally hailing from Cincinnati, Jacqueline Fae is the CEO and founder of IDL Match Club as well as the author of several insight-rich books, the latest of which is Attracting the Love of Your Life: 30-Day Manifestation Guide.

Widely heralded as the Faery Matchmaker, this love expert possesses an in-depth understanding of how human connections work and operates under the mission of helping as many people as possible experience the greatest joy in the world: true love.

Her brainchild, IDL Match Club, which is one of the most exclusive matchmaking clubs in the industry, started out as a seedling of an idea watered by a mom who managed to make a name for herself by working harder than anyone else. “When I first started, I was literally breastfeeding my son and taking phone calls,” recalled Jacqueline Fae.

“I would stay up all night recruiting matches for clients and working ten to twelve hours a day every day.” Now, that start-up has transformed into a highly-trusted institution dedicated to helping busy executives, entrepreneurs, and celebrities find their other half by not only coaching them through the courting and dating phase but also hosting events where love can brew.

At the core of IDL Match Club is an emphasis on authenticity. It doesn’t take on just any client unless Jacqueline Fae and her team believe that they can help the person find a potential partner. Additionally, it heavily banks on a host of techniques like NLP to pair single hopefuls and guide them through some of the roadblocks hindering them from finding real love.

Quickly after the establishment of IDL Match Club, Jacqueline Fae was able to secure a coveted spot at the forefront of the commercial space. “In four years, I have created and built a multi-million dollar business. I started it during my first pregnancy and even took a phone call to close my first five-figure client during labor with my first son,” she shared. Through her success, this former Hollywood actress demonstrates that women—and moms with a boatload of responsibilities on their shoulders—can dominate any field.

Learn more about Jacqueline Fae by visiting her LinkedIn page. More information about IDL Match Club can also be found on its website.

Attraction is impossible to understand. Sometimes there’s no telling what brings you close to one person over another, or what it was that made you realize you can’t stop thinking about them.

No two people are going to agree on what’s attractive and what isn’t.

Lisa Lawless, a clinical psychotherapist and sex educator, told Insider attraction is multifaceted and “includes visual cues, scent, hormones, genetics, and evolutionary factors.”

“It’s crucial to acknowledge that physical appearance constitutes merely one aspect of a person and doesn’t define their essence or worth as a human being nor define how attractive they are to others,” she said.

Jacqueline Fae, a dating coach and the founder of IDL Match Club, told Insider all five senses factor into a couple’s compatibility too. “You need all of them to have like the ultimate attraction,” she said.

Here are some of the ways people are biologically drawn to each other.

1. Smell

young couple smelling flower

A study in 2018 found women with certain scents are more attractive to men. It turns out they were most appealing when they had high estrogen and low progesterone levels. This balance of hormones indicates high female fertility, the researchers explained, so it makes sense that men would find women more attractive while they are at this stage.

Fae told Insider scents can also take people back to a familiar time, such as the body spray their first boyfriend used to wear. It may even be related to something that isn’t romantic at all, like the smell of gasoline, because it reminds them of feeling comfortable hanging out with their dad at a garage.

“It’s really weird things that will attract people to someone, based on scent,” Fae said.

2. Taste

Couple kissing
“Soft swinging” can be a way to test the waters of non-monogamy. 

People transfer about 80 million bacteria when they kiss each other, and yet they keep doing it. Not only does kissing stimulate the release of oxytocin, but the taste of another person also helps with biological attraction.

“Humans don’t have strong olfactory skills and kissing allows you to smell and taste a person and see if you have different immune responses as we tend to feel more attracted to someone with a different immune response,” Sarah Johns, an expert in human reproduction and evolutionary psychology at the University of Kent, told The Independent.

According to Fae, it can be much simpler than that, though.

“Have you ever dated somebody with bad breath?” she said. “You kiss them and you’re like, ugh, that was terrible. I never wanna do that again.”

3. Diet

A burger is seen being held up ready to be eaten over a person's shoulder.
A burger is seen in a restaurant. 

What you eat could also have an impact on how attractive you are. A small study from 2017 found that women were more attracted to sweaty men who ate diets high in produce than men who had more refined carbs like pasta and bread. Essentially, the researchers concluded, when we eat healthy, we might smell healthy too.

4. Fertility

couple in bed looking irritated with each other

Being fertile doesn’t just make you smell attractive, but it can affect how you look too. One study from a few years ago found that men would rate women’s faces and voices as more attractive when they were at the most fertile phase of their cycle.

However, a study in a speed-dating setting from 2021 found that women closer to ovulating were actually no more attractive to men. They were more likely to ask the men out on a date, though.

5. Hormones

young couple hanging out

Some research has suggested our hormonal balance might impact who we desire. For instance, men with high levels of testosterone may be more attracted to women with more feminine faces, meaning big eyes, high eyebrows, and a smaller jaw. But higher levels of testosterone may not make men seem any better-looking.

While testosterone and estrogen are characterised as male and female respectively, they both play a role in men and women. Testosterone, for instance, increases libido in pretty much everyone.

6. More hormones

couple kissing at a festival

Love is connected with several hormones that make us feel warm and fuzzy. Dopamine is the reward hormone that is released when we do something that makes you feel good, such as spending time with loved ones and having sex.

Attraction is also associated with higher levels of serotonin, the happy hormone. And physical contact — hugging as well as sexual contact — has been shown to increase oxytocin, the love hormone. So it makes sense that spending more time with someone, enjoying their company, and touching them more would make you feel more attracted to them.

7. Kindness

a couple's silhouette during the sunset

If someone is kind, it can make them seem more attractive, and can also make them more likable. A study showed that putting positive character traits against someone’s photo meant people rated them as better looking.

Altruistic behaviour is also attractive, possibly because it was one of the qualities our ancestors favored in a mate.

“It would have been important for our ancestors to choose mates both willing and able to be good, long-term parents,” Tim Phillips, a psychiatrist at the University of Nottingham, told The Independent. “Displays of altruism could well have provided accurate clues to this, and so led to a link between human altruism and sexual selection.”

8. Voice

couple whispering

One study found that women prefer men with low voices, especially just before they start ovulating. There could be something inherently biological in this, as deeper voices have been linked to producing healthier children, and in the wild, lower pitch is associated with being bigger.

According to another study, people who reported being more sexually experienced and sexually active were rated to have more attractive voices by strangers.

It can also go the other way. Fae told Insider she has had clients who have been put off their match because of how they sound, despite being physically attracted to them initially.

9. Being similar

red hair twins

Research points to us being attracted to people who are similar to us — both physically and in personality. For example, research from St Andrews University in Scotland showed we are attracted to the features that our parents had when we were born, such as eye color. This could be because we see them as our first caregiver, and associate positive feelings with their features.

Research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that spouses tend to be more genetically similar than two individuals chosen at random. And an article published in Psychological Science found that if someone looks similar to ourselves, we are more likely to trust them.

10. Being different

A young couple in a city street.
A young couple in a city street. 

But sometimes, opposites do attract. For instance, if you’ve lived a sheltered life, you might gravitate towards people who have had extremely different experiences.

Fae said often her clients who are fair-skinned with blonde hair and blue eyes will prefer a partner who has darker skin and features, and vice versa.

There may be some biological basis to opposites attracting, too. When it comes to reproduction, a bit of variety works in your favour. For instance, the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) is a part of the immune system that helps cells recognize foreign molecules.

When your MHC is vastly different from your mate’s, this decreases the danger of mating with someone you’re related to, and increases the genetic variability of any offspring you have — meaning they’re more likely to be healthier with a better immune system.

11. Maturity

A couple in front of their new home.
A couple in front of their new home. 

As people mature, they tend to learn more about themselves. This can work in your favour when looking for a partner, because you’re more likely to know what you want and what’s important to you.

“If you’re looking at people when they’re younger and dating, they might be attracted to the entire external package and not so concerned with the internal package, meaning somebody’s values or their ideas, or the way they treat other people,” counselor Michele Kerulis told Elite Daily. “When you start maturing, I think people look more at the overall picture and not just the way somebody looks or that initial sexual attraction.”

12. Facial traits


There are certain facial characteristics that are proven to be attractive much of the time. Sometimes it’s facial symmetry, but other times it’s a crooked smile or unique beauty spot that makes someone stand out. Averageness and simple faces are often considered most attractive, possibly because standard faces represent a more diverse set of genes.

On the other hand, familiar faces tend to be most attractive, because people may be influenced more by their personal experiences in life than anything else.

Overall it’s unlikely to be just one thing.

A couple walking along the beach

Attraction is an incredibly complicated thing, and science probably won’t be able to determine all the reasons you find someone attractive, or vice versa. Often, what’s most important is your compatibility, and you’re unlikely to be able to quantify that. But there are a few questions you can ask yourself before settling down.

Lawless told Insider one person doesn’t determine another’s overall value or attractiveness in any way — it’s all subjective.

“There are numerous factors to consider, and it’s unwise to rely solely on physical appearance as an indicator of someone’s worth,” she said. “Interestingly, sometimes people find others more attractive as they get to know them better, and this can also happen in reverse.”

This article was first published in October 2018 and was updated in February 2023 to include more experts and new information.

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